July News

We are well and truly into the chilli festival season, and in wonderful weather.  The success of the England football team in the World Cup had an impact on recent festivals, but now it’s over we will see more people out to get their chilli fix.

We have now added some of our food products for purchase through the website.  We will regularly update over the next few months.

This month sees the launch of our new sauce, The Barbie.  Made with the addition of Hogs Back OTT beer, it is a rich barbecue sauce – ideal in this lovely summer weather.

The most recent addition to our range of good, cheese and chilli scones, are flying off the stand.  They are absolutely delicious.  As Aussies, we eat them with butter but occasionally get funny looks when we suggest that.

Our decision to change our sauces from jars to bottles has proven to be popular, especially as customers are loving the 3 sauces for £10 deal.

See you at our next festival – remember to look at our home page for our program of events.


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