Hi we're Fair Dinkum Fare

Fair Dinkum Fare is a UK based business started by Mark and Cheryl in 2013.

Mark and Cheryl are originally from Melbourne, Australia and have been living in the UK since 2007.

Even back at home in Australia, Mark had begun to make chilli products.¬†This continued in the UK eventually becoming a business – Fair Dinkum Fare. Fair dinkum is Aussie slang for ‘real, genuine or honest’ – coupled with ‘fare’ a word from the English language implying ‘food’ (E.g. What’s the fare for the day.)

Drawn by the fabulous market culture in the UK and with encouragement from friends and colleagues, Mark decided to turn his hobby into a business.

Dorking Car Boot Sale

Their first market stall was a car boot sale in Dorking.They progressed from there to Brentford Market, then to food and chilli festivals. At this time, Mark had only one chilli sauce (Which eventually became bonza) besides their Aussie snacks.

Brentford Market

The product range has been designed to reflect their Australian heritage. This has been incorporated into an iconic combination of Australian style road signs for branding and ‘Aussie’ slang for product names.

This is something which has become a talking point for customers and fellow Australians alike.

Alongside the sauces and oils, they also produce a range of chilli treats and snacks.

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