Chilli Chocolate – 3-pack


3 blocks for £12

Delicious chilli chocolate made by our friend, Grim Reaper.  Made using blends of essential oils to flavour the chocolate, with heat added by using ghost chillies.


Cleanse your soul and confess your sins with this precious white chocolate bar. Blended with naga chillies, cocoa nibs, bergamot oil and mixed spices…Are you pure enough to enter a world of Heavenly taste?


Innocent milk chocolate corrupted with naga chillies, orange oil, clove oil, and cinnamon, bringing you heat summoned from the deepest depths of Hell. This devilishly hot bar will test even the most seasoned of chilli lovers!


Experience the darker side of pleasure with this sinfully dark chocolate blended with naga chillies, lemon and geranium. Have no mercy, devour it down…all in one go. This chocolate bar is unlike any other dark chocolate, basically it is not bitter, but somewhat sweet with the essential oils. Ideal for making those chocolate fondants too!


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