Welcome to 2019

We are back from our wonderful trip home to Australia to spend Xmas and New Year with friends and family. We are looking forward to another great year seeing old friends of Fair Dinkum Fare, and meeting new friends.

Our program for the year will be up by the end of January. We start the year on February 23 at Wellingborough, an indoor event and a centuries-old barn in the town.

Our new sauce that we introduced during 2018, The Barbie, has become very popular. Maybe it’s because it is made with a very dark ale that makes it an ideal BBQ sauce. And yes, we did have several barbies when we were back in Oz!

Our online service has developed well so if you need to stock up on any of our sauces or oils, or you wish to try some that you have not yest sampled, please order through the store and we will dispatch promptly.

Remember that you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Fairdinkumfare1) to keep up to date with what we are doing.

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